Our scope of services

DGUV V3 check and transformer station maintenance

For many years we have been carrying out tests of the WTG, the transformer systems and the transfer station for our customers in accordance with DGUV regulation 3 and the industrial safety guidelines. In the past two years, the subject of medium voltage testing has increasingly come into focus. Our electrical specialists have dealt extensively with the area of medium-voltage testing / network protection testing / network compatibility testing.  
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Repair and service

Wind turbines are constantly and directly exposed to changing weather conditions. The consequences may be surface damage, paint damage, corrosion damage. Our technicians know what they are doing - leave the repair to us!

Occupational safety 

Risk assessment
Expert check on

-          ladder/fall protection

-          winch/tower crane

-          lift

-          PPE

-          rescue kit


Fungal and mold infestation, dirt on ladders and platforms up to serious oil damage, are, unfortunately, to be found again and again. Equipped with mounted indoor and outdoor platforms, our cleaning teams have optimal access means, for both tower interior and exterior cleaning