Since May 2014, DGUV Regulation 3 has regulated the testing of electrical installations for the prevention of personal accidents. This regulation was not new in 2014 - only the name had changed. The BGV A3 guideline, which also made the electrical testing of wind turbines necessary, had already existed since 1997. In 2013, UTW Dienstleistungs GmbH also started testing in this special segment. 
Our electrical specialists have many years of experience in wind energy. They are familiar with numerous types of turbines down to the last detail and carry out electrical health and safety tests conscientiously and with the greatest expertise.

  • Annual inspection or intervals determined by risk assessment (max. 4 years) by qualified electricians

  • Testing according to DGUV V3 (former BGV A3), DIN VDE 0150-100, DIN VDE 0100-600, DIN EN 60204/VDE 0113, DIN VDE 0101

  • Grounding resistance measurement in the tower base, on the nacelle carrier, in the hub (loop measurement)

  • Testing on all electrical components and equipment, also in the hub

  • Insulation measurement, measurement of loop impedance, measurement of the protective conductor

  • Measurement of the residual current protective device (RCD)

  • Visual inspection of the lightning protection modules

  • Checking the electrical documentation and the construction material identification

We carry out protection tests both for your wind turbine and for the grid connection point (substation). Your medium-voltage components are checked by our qualified electricians in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and a defined protocol. Mains faults are simulated in order to trigger the protective relay and to prove proper function.